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Greeting from Head of International Office

Welcome to the International Office of Pakuan University, Bogor - West Java. Our office provides professional assistance and consulting services
for foreign students and scholarship recipients at the Pakuan University regarding with their immigration status in Indonesia.
We are committed to providing our clients with accurate information and the highest quality of service.
Our goal is to help foreign students and scholarship recipients learning while enjoying the atmosphere academic and culture at Pakuan University.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sincerely yours,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ir. Yuari Faradia, M.Sc

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Head of the International Office


Pakuan University Is One of The First Choice Place To Darmasiswa Program


Testimony From :

1. Astrid Miguel de Guadalupe, Nicaragua ( Summer Program, Januariy 2012- July 2012)

As a master student of social and cultural anthropology I’ve been interest in Indonesia for quite a long time. At the Anthropology Institute of The University of Berlin, students are instructed mainly in Asian and African studies, being Indonesia one mayor point of knowledge. In the future, probably after completing my master studies I would like to research in Indonesia and write my doctor thesis about Indonesia. That is why learning Bahasa Indonesia is so important to me.
My first Choice Place of Study : Bogor Pakuan University (Unpak)

2. Okan Batigoc, Turki ( Regular Program, Pebruari 2012 – Pebruari 2013)

I want to learn Indonesian language well
My first Choice Place of Study : Bogor Pakuan University, Subject of Study Indonesia Language
My second of Study : Bogor Pakuan University, Subject of Study Indonesia Language and Traditional Culture

3. Alimarden Mamitov, Uzbekistan ( Regular, Januari 2012 – Januari 2013)

Education has always been an important aspect of my life while in a high school I managed to take challenging courses such as advanced placement English. I enjoyed the arts and it was involved in art, band, and choir. When I heard about the scholarship which is offered by Indonesian government, I decided to take a chance in applying for this program will be a good chance for me to know about the culture of Indonesia through television channels also Ihave watched many times about Indonesia and dreamt to see Indonesian very interesting culture incliding escially its art with teal eyes of mine.
My first Choice of Place of Study : Bogor Pakuan University, subject of Study Budaya dan Seni Tradisional

4. Miho Nakano, Jepang (Regular, August 2011 – July 2012)

I intend to study at Faculty of Literature at Pakuan University. There are two reasons for  this : I selected Pakuan University because I would like to deepen my knowledge of Indonesia language and culture by studying Indonesian literature in the most suitable and encouraging environment.. I also selected Pakuan because of my particular interest in the Sundanese way of life and spirituality. I think that studying in the Sundanese region Bogor would give me good oppurtunities to get the sense of Sundanese cultute in everyday life.

5. Mullika Jaroonvit, Thailand

I have something to tell the truth I don’t know about Indonesia so little. That’s why I choose to study in the culture and traditions. To learn more about Indonesia’s lifestyle, foods, travel, and religion. Including I know this University is very famous about this subject.

6. Lin Shan Shan, China

Lin Shan Shan
My name is Lin Shan Shan. My home country of Beijing, China. My initial Unpak college in 2008, I can not speak Indonesian, so I moved to the class of "foreigners" in Unpak, Indonesian study for one year. After that, in 2009 I've entered the Faculty of Letters Indonesia, joined the Indonesian students. During a lecture in Unpak, I was helped by friends and faculty to communicate with Indonesian. For example if there are words I do not understand, they are willing to explain to me until I understand. Until now I can speak Indonesian fluently. I am pleased to college in Unpak because it can know a lot of friends Indonesia, moreover I studied at the Faculty of Literature Indonesia Indonesian culture teaches that a lot, to make me more comfortable stay in Indonesia.
Hopefully Unpak more successful and more and more foreign students kuilah in Unpak. Thank you for your guidance and cooperation during my lecture in Unpak


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