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 Bogor is well known for its rain. That's why tourist can find a lot of facilities that can pamper them with many kinds of activities such as jogging, hiking and tracking. 

The water falls are really amazing. During the rainy season, the waterfall is a special spot for them to enjoy this wonderful natural resources. Darmasiswa who come from different continent enjoy experiencing the waterfall.

Besides Bogor is well known of it's waterfall, Bogor Botanical Garden is also one of the world heritage. It is big enough to merit spending at least half a day. It is 36 miles (60 kilomoters) south. Given their beauty and historical significance, its is the highlight of any visit to Bogor and an essential stop on West Java highland tours, which also often include a trip to a tea plantation. 

Bogor Botanical Gardens are a must for garden admirers and anyone seeking a verdant respite from Jakarta's bustle. With its lily-pond views, the Grand Garden Cafe makes an excellent spot for lunch. Founded by the Dutch in 1817, this Botanical Garden, an oasis in the town centre, offers an ideal opportunity to find out more about the tropical flora. The size of the collections reflects the gardens conservation and research role; it introduced several species into the archipelago in the 19C. Palm trees, bamboos, giant trees with sprawling roots, delicate orchids, sprawling ferns, botanist or not, you will find the walk exquisite.

The Witness of The Natural Scenery From Ahmed Salem Bawazir

(Saudi Arabia)


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