Daily Life

Darmasiswa 2018 who study at Pakuan University live in one guest house so that they can share their difficulties and experiences staying in Indonesia. The guest house is managed by an elderly couple who is always ready to help them in the students daily life. Usually their first days in Indonesia is always complicated. They have to find their own room, food, transport etc, besides setting up there communication and bank facilities. Anyway Pakuan University facilitates all Darmasiswa's need. 

The guest house is located near a high school and this location makes the students easier to find their need in their routine. It comprises off thirteen bedrooms to accommodate Darmasiswa. It means the boarding house provides all the bedroom's need such as bed sheet, blanket and pillow cases. 

As their complicated routine has been solved by Pakuan University, students are relaxed and feel like they are at home. Some of them do the gardening as well as cooking. They cooperate and form a team work that makes them more successful in achieving there goals coming to Indonesia.

The Impression From Seo Hyun (Korea)


The First Days In The Dorm