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In teaching Bahasa Indonesia Faculty of Social Science and Culture (FISIB) has more than a decade experienced lecturers. Not only the lesson is referred to a National Curriculum but also it is implied a very pleasant activities. Students learning those subjects are exciting and relaxed. The condition and atmosphere enable them to achieve the objectives. One of the successful technique is outdoor class activity. Students feelings are influenced by the greenness of the nature so that their motivation of learning is higher than that of inside classrooms. 

Faculty of Social Science and Culture (FISIB) adjusts the syllabus and technique to increase the competency of students because of the long experienced of the faculty. Below is an article about education in Bogor and Darmasiswa tahun 2018 which is published by a local newspaper' Radar Bogor.


Pakuan University (UNPAK) is the oldest and biggest private university in Bogor. It was established on 1 November 1980 under the Foundation Pakuan Siliwangi. Pakuan University is at Jl. Pakuan PO Box 452, Bogor. In the academic year 2012/2013, Pakuan University (UNPAK) offered 32 programs of study. Dr. Bibin Rubini, M.Pd has been the rector of Pakuan University (UNPAK) since elected in 2008.


Vision of The University:

Become an independent and outstanding university with its own character.

Mission of The University:

1. Organize higher education to prepare human resources who are able to explore, develop and apply science, technology and art.

2. Apply knowledge based on national wisdom.

3. Produce graduates who are qualified, independent and patriotic.

The Faculty of Social Science and Culture has four departments:

1. Indonesia Literature

2. English Literature

3. Japanese Literature

4. Communication Science


Experience In Learning Bahasa Indonesia From Milos Antic (Serbia)



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