Festival of India in Pakuan University
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The phrase is very happy for the implementation of program activities and cultural performing arts, titled "Festival of India" on the campus of the University of Pakuan. In addition to introducing the arts and culture, we can introduce the presence of an ambassador who is entrusted by the nation and state in Indonesia even in the world community.

Beginning with the signing of the MoU between the University Pakuan directly done by Dr.H.Bibin Rubini, M. Pd as the Rector Pakuan University and the Embassy of India, represented by Mr.Manish (Deputy hief Of Mission) housed workspace rector.

 In the Hall of the Faculty of Economics space where art events in pentaskan, Rector of the University Pakuan in his speech said that with this partnership will give a positive value in the field of education and culture, because Indian nation in the world of education and science of the more advanced technology.

Likewise Mr.Manish express gratitude to the leaders and academicians of the University Pakuan that is able to receive our party to conduct cooperation in education and also for staging events of cultural arts of India. That the mat Indian Festival which we show the movement of Yoga and vadya-Vrinda namely the instrumental music (vadya-Vrinda) one of the most significant traditions representing the cultural values of classical art and Indian folk music. As well as dance performances from students JNICC Tarana (Jawaharial Nehru Indian Culture Center), which tells of a garden in India which everyone likes to move a graceful dance.

Advances in technology and information is now not a rare thing for broad layers of society, so that a nation that has become a culture, beautiful scenery to look at in the review of cultural, community and academicians in various cities that accept our presence came to Indonesia with the aim of strengthening the relationship that has been initiated by the leadership of the country since the independence of India and also Indonesia. Until now, Indonesia and India have a harmonious relationship, especially now at the University of Pakuan represents a valuable precious, namely in the form of photo documentation of the time respectively in the activities of the head of government to the two sides.

To maintain the tradition of the national orchestra founded by all the radio stations of India in New Delhi on the idea in 1952 with the support of the Ministry of Information and brocasting. First awarded first baton as conductor of the legendary Maestro Pandit Ravi Shangkar on tahun1975. So that in year two vadya - Vrinda established in the city of Chennai to expand the momentum of the artists from both the north and kamatik musical traditions combined with the musical instruments of western countries so vadya-Vrida become one of the group of the best Indian instrumental music.

Since starting his creation vadya - Vrinda focused on Indian classical music traditions of North and South, including folk music like Baul, Bhojpuri, Alkamand and a variety of folk songs that have stories about the activities of the people of India and songs about the ritual that is often in pentaskan in the wedding and festivals both domestically and abroad.