Pakuan University and the Community of ASEAN 2015
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P.U - on November 26, 2014 at Braja Mustika Hotel, Jalan Dr. Sumeru -Bogor, Pakuan University (P.U) held a graduation ceremony for students of Diploma III, S1, S2, and S3 as many as 838 graduates. In the occasion, P.U invited Pangdam 3 Siliwangi, the Coordinator of Kopertis IV of West Java and Banten Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdul Hakim Halim, M.Sc. and other guests such as Muspida (local government) of both the city and the districts of Bogor and also the leaders of other universities around Bogor.

The most interesting thing happened in the occasion was the inauguration of a doctoral degree of Management of Education to Dr. Asiswa Sukaryaditisna, who at that time, was 84 year-old.

A Seminar of Management Program's Scientific Week entitled, " Human Resources as the Main Capitals of the National Economy"

P.U - The seminar held by Management Study Program conducted in the scientific week entitled, "  Human Resources as the Main Capitals of the National Economy" was attended by 272 participants, and 30 invited guests. The occasion was officialy opened by Dr. Bibin Rubini, M.Pd. as the rector of Pakuan University.

The economic globalization is a process of economic and trading activities when the whole world becomes one united market power which is more integrated without any territorial limits. The globalization encountered by Indonesians requires the efficiency and competitive spirit with other people around the globe.